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Seventh Judicial District Court

Tribunal del Séptimo Distrito Judicial

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LR7-016. Assignment of cases.

LR7-016. Assignment of cases.

  1. All cases will be assigned at random, except that routine, uncontested cases will be assigned to the first available judge.
  2. Process shall be issued under witness of the judge to whom the case has been assigned.
  3. Cases assigned to a particular judge will not be heard by another judge except by consent of the judge to whom the case is assigned, or in any emergency situation; provided, however, that any judge from the district or any judge from another district present by designation in the county can hear any default matter, emergency matter, guilty plea or ex parte matter which may arise, without regard to the fact that the case may have been assigned to another judge, whenever the judge to whom it has been assigned is not available to handle the matter.

[Adopted, effective August 15, 1990.]

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